The Presidium

The Presidium

The Presidium supervises the Council, at the time the Plenary Assembly does not sit. The Presidium is competent to take decisions on questions, which are not adjudicated to another body of the Council by law, regulations, or by the Plenary Assembly decisions.

The Presidium consists of nine (9) members, the president and other eight (8) members elected Council representatives. The Presidium is elected for the period minimum of one (1) year. The Presidium determines the amount of the salary of the executive director and other employees of the Council. The Presidium Takes decisions at the meeting by means of open vote, it is quorated if two thirds majority of all the members are present at the meeting and takes decisions by an absolute majority votes of present members.


  • Miriam Benčíková - Kušnírová President
  • Andrea Cocherová Vicepresident
  • Alexej Fulmek Slovak Press Publishers´ Association
  • Ľubomír Tuchscher Slovak Associations for Branded Products (SZZV)
  • Denisa Pernicová BILLA s.r.o.
  • Jana Venhartová Food Chamber of Slovakia
  • Marcel Grega MAC TV s.r.o. , Slovak Independent Broadcasters Association (SIBA)

Ethical Principles

Principles are the basic document under the Arbitration Commission assesses compliance Ad and of substantiated complaints.

Principles do not replace the legal regulation of advertising, but it builds on the provision of ethical principles.

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Members of RPR

RAC associates entities actively involved in the process of marketing communications - the association of advertisers, advertising agencies, media organizations but also podnkateľské, using promotion through advertising.

List of members

Rada pre reklamu

Rada pre reklamu (RPR) is a body of ethical self-advertising. The main objective of RPR is to provide and promote honest, decent, decent, legal and truthful advertising in Slovak Republic.

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Nadace Open Society Fund Praha Norway Grants Mediá

RPR is member of

The European Advertising Standards Alliance

Rada pre reklamu je partnerom projektu „Systémová změna v diskriminačním zobrazování žen a mužů v reklamě“, ktorý podporila Nadace Open Society Fund Praha z programu „Dejme (že)nám šanci“, ktorý je financovaný z Norských fondov.