The Complain Committee

The Arbitration Committee ("Committee")

The Committee is the body of the Council, which is exclusively competent to issue awards.

The Committee consists of at least seven (7) members, who are elected and dismissed by the Plenary Assembly from the Council members and other persons at suit of the Presidium for the term of Office 3 years. After the expiration of the term of Office the Plenary Assembly generally substitutes one third of the Committee members.

The award is a written vindication of the Committee decision, on the matter, whether a particular advertisement carried out in the past or in the present is in accordance or discordance with the Code.

The award is issued by the Committee, based exclusively on a written suggestion. The suggestion may be submitted by any legal or natural person, except the members of the Committee. There is no legal remedy against the Committee decision. The law on law custody, according to § 15 Act No. 83/1990 Coll., is not touched by this.

The Remedial questions on the Committee's decision process will be adapted in the Standing Order, which is being approved by the Plenary Assembly at suit of the Presidium.


  • Mária Tóthová Šimčáková (psychologist)
  • Slavomíra Salajová (lawyer)
  • Andrea Cocherová (advertiser)
  • Pavol Cvik (attorney)
  • Martin Drobný (IT sector)
  • Róbert Slovák (agencies)
  • Maroš Ovčarik (financial sector)
  • Oľga Gyarfášová (sociologist)
  • Marcel Lukačka (direct marketing)
  • Miroslava Remenárová (advertiser)
  • Radoslav Kutaš (lawyer)
  • Maru Mitlíková (agencies)

Ethical Principles

Principles are the basic document under the Arbitration Commission assesses compliance Ad and of substantiated complaints.

Principles do not replace the legal regulation of advertising, but it builds on the provision of ethical principles.

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Members of RPR

RAC associates entities actively involved in the process of marketing communications - the association of advertisers, advertising agencies, media organizations but also podnkateľské, using promotion through advertising.

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Rada pre reklamu

Rada pre reklamu (RPR) is a body of ethical self-advertising. The main objective of RPR is to provide and promote honest, decent, decent, legal and truthful advertising in Slovak Republic.

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Nadace Open Society Fund Praha Norway Grants Mediá

RPR is member of

The European Advertising Standards Alliance

Rada pre reklamu je partnerom projektu „Systémová změna v diskriminačním zobrazování žen a mužů v reklamě“, ktorý podporila Nadace Open Society Fund Praha z programu „Dejme (že)nám šanci“, ktorý je financovaný z Norských fondov.